Sunday, 22 November 2009

Snowaway found on Virgin train - Shocker

Spotted Friday...

...with a bowler tip to the Wicked Weaver.

UPDATE: This just in from Maks T...

Merely wishing to point out your latest entry is incorrectly labelled.

It is in fact an XC Vomit, as evidenced by the embroidery of the "it's not really Arriva" Cross Country on the anti-massacre, and the doors.

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Wait a minute, isn't that Andy Cooper peeking out from between the seats?

UPDATE: This from Alan (The Vice) Marshall himself...

That picture is definitely taken on an Arriva CrossCountry Voyager.

Apart from the pink XC in the anti-massacre, the menu card in the right foreground is a give-away.

Virgin anti-massacres are blue and white.

I can confirm this, as I am travelling in one now and using their t-mobile Internet service (something else Arriva do not offer) to view your web site and send this email!