Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cross Default update

Shouldn't something be happening soon?

'Nuff said.

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

I see that the LibDems have now also joined the clamour for NatEx to be stripped off their other franchises.

National Express East Anglia is currently responsible for procuring 30 four car Electrostar EMUs and is already on the maximum support under cap and collar.

Do we really want this dumped on the taxpayer?

Rolling stock strategy is heading for a fall

It's late.

The Department for Transport originally promised it in Autumn.

It now admits it will be published at the 'end of the year'.

Shadow Transport Minister Stephen Hammond is unconvinced.

At a conference in Manchester today he said he expected it to emerge in March next year!

Hammond is clearly realistic about his future Department's ability to deliver.

2009 Railway Garden Competition - Oo no!

This slightly deranged submission from Ben Jones, editor of Model Rail magazine...

Just to prove that things were no better in the era of BR blue Class 25s on proper freight trains, here’s a shocking example of infrastructure neglect in 4mm:1ft scale.

Does this qualify for the contest?

No but good effort.

Adonis unlikely to face sack - Official

Telegrammed by The Fashionista
All Ministers are accompanied on trips outside Westminster by a junior bag carrier cum minder.

We certainly can't have Minsters of the Crown carrying their own sandwiches in non-biodegradable plastic sacks like a certain Captain of Industry we could mention.

The Electrification Evangelist's bag carrier has a nice line in attache cases to heft.

Made by Prada, no less.

Probably hand stitched by Miuccia herself for Milord Inglese.

Must dash. Ciao. Mwah, Mwah.