Tuesday, 2 May 2017

PM commits to HS2

This from The Grauniad...

Theresa May has committed to delivering the HS2 high-speed rail link.

The prime minister was reportedly coming under pressure from Tory MPs in the south to cancel HS2, which the government projects will cost £55.7bn.

Her announcement ends speculation that she was preparing to drop the new north-south railway from the Conservatives’ general election manifesto.

That sound? That is the sound of the Chilterns weeping into their skinny lattes.

The crumbling edge of quality: Manchester Piccadilly

This from Charlemagne...

It looks like NR's cutting back on renewals is good news for the makers of tie-bars. 

The road through platform 13 at Manchester Piccadilly is held together by dozens of them!

Pointless signs - Northallerton

This courtesy of 'BA'...

So much thought, so little point!

Phillips chairs BTPA as McVey contests Tatton

This from the British Transport Police Authority...

I am writing to inform you that Esther McVey has formally resigned her position as Chairman and her membership of the British Transport Police Authority following her selection as the Conservative Party candidate for the Tatton Constituency in the upcoming General Election. Esther, who was formally selected as a prospective parliamentary candidate on 26 April, has been Chairman since November 2015.

Mark Phillips, the current Deputy Chairman, will be fulfilling the duties of Chairman until a permanent replacement can be appointed. Mark, who has been a member of BTPA since September 2013, has a background in rail, having worked for British Rail, Railtrack and National Express. He is currently Chief Executive of the RSSB.

Tatton was the constituency of the former Chancellor, George 'Many Jobs' Osborne.