Monday, 12 December 2011

LUL gets all 21st Century over upgrades

Good effort.

Christmas televisual feast - your starter for 10

This from Sinoda...

Idly leafing through the pages of the Double Issue Christmas Radio Times (other listings magazines are available. Ed), I find that 'The World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent' is to be interrogated on television just before Christmas by Jeremy Paxman.

Nothing tremendously untoward so far you may think - but wait a mo!

Jezza 'Come on, Come On!' Paxo is hosting a special season of 'Christmas University Challenge' featuring 'famous alumni' representing their respective Universities, and the listings for BBC2 on Thursday 22nd December (almost) reads as follows:

Jeremy Paxman hosts another first-round match, tonight between the University of Warwick, led by the 'World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent', and the University of Sheffield, captained by George Ergatoudis.

"Here's your starter for 10: What is the connection between a Banana and the failure to construct high-speed railway lines?"

DafT - life imitates art

This from a Mr Murray Mint...

Good to see that several local authorities have embraced a right thinking approach to nomenclature.

This from Southend Council’s mobile CCTV guidelines (para 1.1.2)

1.1.2 The Traffic Management Act (TMA) (2004) has provided a solution to this on Going issue by permitting the use of Mobile CCTV vehicles to enforce the kind of Contraventions mentioned above. Paragraph 50 of the Department for Transport (Daft) TMA 2004 The Secretary of State’s Statutory Guidance to Local Authorities etc, etc, etc...

This from Newham Council on Sustainable Impact Appraisals para 1.1.1

1.1.1 It was a requirement of the ORN designation by the Department of Transport that an EqIA was prepared in order to demonstrate that the equalities impacts of the ORN proposals can be effectively managed. This document was approved by Daft during the ORN designation process etc, etc, etc...

This from Bexley's Public Transport Sub-Committee (page 11):

VL responded that while Southeastern had sympathy with local aspirations, stops at Deal on
the high speed network had not been included in the Daft’s service specification, etc, etc, etc...

That’s DafT enough – Ed