Tuesday, 17 April 2012

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Georgian Railways show the way forward?

This from Mrs AP Tis...

I don't know if you've seen the FT today (of course, Ed) but Eye favourite Robert Wright has a piece on Georgian Railways' plans to be the first state controlled railway monopoly to list on the London Stock Exchange.

The last two lines of Mr Wright's piece in the Pink 'Un are most interesting:

Mr Ezugbaia said the company was listing itself as an undivided, integrated organisation to mimic the structure of large, North American railroads, such as Union Pacific and CSX. Those companies own their own track, locomotives and wagons, instead of dividing the infrastructure and operations as normally happens in the European Union.

“We found that this exact strategy is the way to be oriented to successful growth for the railway operations,” Mr Ezugbaia said.

Says it all really.

PM enters Derbyshire bear-pit and survives

Following the debacle of Derbygate the East Midlands rail industry no longer appears shy of letting government know exactly what it wants.

The Prime Minister was in Derbyshire yesterday to gee-up the troops ahead of the local Elections.

The timing of his visit could not have better, with Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan also having secured an Adjournment debate last night on upgrading the Midland Main Line.

Alert to the lobbying possibilities cheeky local paper the Derby Telegraph decided to welcome the PM with a frontpage demanding electrification of the MML.

Here a delighted Mr Cameron grimaces as he holds yesterday's paper having promised to 'look closely' at the scheme.

With happy memories of previous ministerial visits to Bombardier ahead of the Thameslink decision, let's hope this picture doesn't come back and bite him!