Saturday, 24 January 2009

What a great boss

Another gem from Wednesday's PAC:

"Within two years of the formation of the Rail Service Delivery Directorate in 2005, 30% of the staff had left."

Perhaps the figure would be better if Dr Mitchell had led from the front... and gone first.

Camera unobscura

Dr Death and the Department for Transport knows exactly which TOC's are in the sh1t.

As this under reported session of Wednesday's Parliamentary Accounts Committee shows.

Dr Mitchell declined to say in public exactly how many are close to the wall, for fear of further damaging share prices, but agreed to disclose the information to the PAC in camera.

However, he did confirm that, according to the Department's internal system for tracking franchise health, "A small number of companies are showing red".

Paradoxically DafT's tracking system was introduced following the collapse of previous East Coast franchise holder GNER.

With DafT having form for accepting ludicrously ambitious franchise bids can it be a surprise that history is in danger of repeating itself?