Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Parking charges parked?

Station car parking charges are unregulated and therefore provide a highly lucrative revenue stream for increasingly cash strapped TOCs.

Normally station users have to bend over and assume the position, whilst avaracious TOCs hoover cash from their glove boxes.

But what's this?

The plucky residents of Liskeard are challenging greedy First Great Western, convinced that free usage of the station car park was guarenteed in perpatuity!

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the case expect DafT to impose the charges, or threaten a reduction in the stopping pattern, if Liskeard council doesn't kowtow.

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Oh no it's not!

When is a franchise commitment not a franchise commitment?

When DafT says so, silly!

Bowler tip to Rail Manager on Line for these gems:

This from DafT on the 14th August 2007:
"NXEC will provide a full restaurant service on 87 train services Monday to Friday with an improved range of full meals".

This from DafT on 6th January 2009:
"Catering is not covered by the franchise agreement with National Express East Coast and is a matter for the train operating company".

DafT - making it up as they go along.

PR News

As any fule kno a good PR man has to be up to date and ahead of the curve.

But what's this?

A quick visit to the website of soi disant "veteran observer" Rupert Brennan Brown reveals the following:

A date fixed at the 29th April

A picture of said veteran with a non-extant Mayor

and a photo of the late Madam Chairman of the Transport Select Committee, who has been enjoying her reward in heaven for some time.

Good to see this particular spinner has his finger on the pulse!

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