Friday, 14 September 2012

MPs get three hours to debate ICWC franchise

Rosie Cooper has secured a three hour parliamentary debate on the award of the West Coast Main Line franchise to First Group.

The Backbench Business Committee has granted a debate from 16.30 on Monday 17th September following a request by the Labour MP for West Lancashire.

Expect more heat than light as ministers claim they are unable to reveal details of the winning bid due to commercial confidentiality and the involvement of m'learned friends.

Still, it all adds further to the general gaiety of the nation!

But what a way to run the railway.

NRES - so good they say it twice

This from Tally Rand...

Here a helpful 'key' from the Live Departure Boards section of the National Rail website:

Perchance the NRES website designer is paid by the word*?

Key: Paid by the Word - Being paid by the Word