Monday, 9 July 2012

Network Rail boosts on track monitoring

So Network Rail has launched a new Ultrasonic Test Unit.

According to Network Rail's director of engineering Steve Yianni:

Network Rail’s number one priority is safety and the addition of this unit to our fleet means we can measure the safety and quality of our railway to much higher standards.

“It also means we can keep our test trains running more reliably and at more times across the country. With this we can improve the quality of the ride for all our passengers, and make sure they reach their destination in complete safety.

Here Patrick Bossert, NR's Director of Asset Information outlines how devolution means that he now runs a 'services business', and how the new 'UTU1' vehicle will help the UK squeeze more out of its rail network.



Network Rail Consultancy, on whose side?

This from Alice E Donne (Miss)...

Announcing the creation of Network Rail Consulting, Network Rail Chief Executive David Higgins was quoted as saying:

Since the privatisation of the rail industry, Britain has not had a national rail champion operating in the international market. Network Rail has the depth and breadth of rail experience and knowledge to promote British expertise overseas and become a valuable international ambassador for our rail industry and for UK plc.".

Actually, even before privatisation we didn't have a national champion operating in the international market. 

All those British Rail managers and engineers seconded to BR's consultancy Transmark were strictly independent and recommended international best practice, wherever it came from - unlike the consultancies of the other European state railways who knew who paid the taxes that paid the subsidies that kept them in a job and promoted the national technology used by their home railways.
No backsliding this time, Sir David!

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