Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pointless signs - Kidderminster Town

Railway Garden Competition - Exeter Central

This from our Independent Expert...

Can't see the trains for the trees...

Buddleia heaven on the down line at Exeter Central yesterday

RVAR regulations flouted - Shocker

Telegrammed by Our International Correspondent
No doubt this will have the Disability Taliban frothing at the mouth.

Compliance with DDA has long since ceased to be optional for most operators, but luckily the requirement to paint doors a contrasting colour for the benefit of the visually impaired is not quite universal.

Obligingly the Grauniad has published a picture of a confused older chap failing to find the claret coloured door in his Mum's claret coloured train.

Eye salutes HRH the Prince of Wales for continuing to support the railways.

UPDATE: This from @daddydoink via Twitter...

@TheFactCompiler RVAR: Charles made the suggestion of wheelchair access loos on mk3s to Cyril Bleasdale's boss in 1979!

Maybe let him off?!

SWT - stuff the passenger, bank the lolly

Good to see that SWT is maintaining its unrivaled reputation for dry shafting the passenger.

This nonsense via Yahoo:

A couple have had to pay a £114 fine after getting off a train two stops early.

Emma Clark and Davyd Winter-Bates were travelling to Southampton from London with South West Trains when they decided to get off two stops early at Eastleigh.

When they handed over their tickets at the station, they were told they were each being fined £57 because they had not stayed on the train until their destination.

The fine was twice the standard fare of £28.50.

Eye suggests that SWT should consider diversifying into the catering trade.

Using the same perverse 'revenue protection' logic they could then fine diners for failing to finish their meals.

Get a grip.

UPDATE: This from SharpSharp...

I run a coffee shop.

If I did a half price offer on americano's it would make them cheaper than espresso's. But if someone asked for an americano without the water I'd tell them they could have their usual espresso and that they should stop trying to pull a fast one.

When you buy advanced purchase tickets you don't have the option to change your plans and it is made very clear that they are valid only for the journey on the tickets.

If Emma and David were traveling to Eastleigh they should have purchased a ticket to Eastleigh.

UPDATE: This from Billy Connections...

I'm not sure why you have posted the anti-SWT rant - the couple were in breach of the terms and conditions of a special offer ticket they were sold - good on the SWT gripper for fining them.

Too many people here never consult terms and conditions of any

purchase and then assume that if they've made a mistake that they are still in the right.

Caveat Emptor!

UPDATE: This from Captain Auto...

Further to the furore:

Am I to assume that common sense on the part of ticketing staff is no longer to be encouraged?

Those who have replied are indeed entirely correct in their application of the standing rules and regulations.

I would suggest however that such heavy handed treatment of passengers (fare paying passengers, not ticketless scrotes intend on avoiding paying at all costs) is likely to damage both the reputation of SWT and ensure that the couple involved are unlikely to travel by train again.

I'm with TFC - a wonderful own-goal by the winners of Passenger Operator of the Year 2005*.

* What a difference a franchise change makes; they said they'd pay £1.2 billion in 2007. I suppose that £114 fine is at least going to cheer up the Treasury in some small way.

UPDATE: This from D0260...

I notice that SWT charged a couple £114 for getting off the train two stops early.

The question I would like to ask is:

Just how much would SWT have charged if the couple had failed to make the journey at all?

Railway Garden Competition - Chad' Sidings

This from The Sleeper...

How civilised of NR to provide this pleasing vista for the delight of weary traincrew.

Pointless signs - LM goes the extra mile

This just in from BB...

Eye salutes the serious dedication shown by staff at Birmingham Snow Hill!