Monday, 4 July 2011

Don't tell him Pike!

This from Herr Restorer of Deutsche Reichsbahn...

You Britishers are a funny lot.

Either you like to dress as Germans to ride aboard your railways.

Or your Government begs superior German engineers and managers to build and run your trains.

Sadly not all of you have embraced the spirit of the new Europe!

There remain a small number of recidivists who still dream of a time when your small island ran and made things!

Foolish Britishers!

So whose idea was a Union Flag on the Brandenburg Gate?

This will not be tolerated!

Remember! We have ways of making you walk.

Where will Cowardly Custard be tomorrow?

This from Sky News...

Train-making firm Bombardier is set to announce up to 2,000 job losses - with the Government's decision to award a lucrative order to a German consortium being blamed...

It is reported the company will confirm the cuts at a news conference it has called for tomorrow.

No doubt cowardly-custard Petrol-head will arrange for Cruella to provide another Written Answer, this time lamenting the job losses.

And assuring those facing the dole that Hammond and Cable have written to the Prime Minister expressing their concerns.


UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Who can forget the reassuring words of Philip Hammond on 1st March 2011 after the IEP contract was awarded to Hitachi:

'Bombardier... has a very bright future in the UK train market'.

Weasel words that will no doubt be of considerable comfort to Litchurch Lane workers.