Thursday, 18 February 2010

Eye has finger on pulse!

Evidently not!

Still, there is always tomorrow....

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Don't be too hard on yourself.

Judging by today's announcement on the public finances anything costing more than 2/6 has moved miles to the right.

UPDATE: This from Al Fresco...

Yeah, I agree, don’t do a downer.

After all, you haven’t posted about the 3-Musketeers all together on BBC’s Newsnight on Wednesday.

Did you miss it?

Adonis, 2-Jags & Tarzan – all together on HS1 talking up the prospects of cross- party consensus on HS2 – amongst other buffoonery.

Watch it here – starts at 13:50

New Olympics - New Danger

This from the British Journal of Photography...

Police forces are planning to use Section 44 stop-and-search powers across all underground and railway stations in the UK during the 2012 Olympics.

The powers, which have been found to be illegal by an European Court, are increasingly being used against photographers.

You have been warned.

Meanwhile if you see your friendly Bobby overstepping the mark - record it on your camera-phone.

They can't arrest all of us... can they?

Sir Nicholas Winterton promotes 1st Class travel!

This from Conservative Home...

Rail passengers in standard class are "a totally different type of people" moans Tory backbencher.

The Fact Compiler wouldn't know.

UPDATE: This from Lobby Fodder...

Will Sir Nicholas be working as a consultant for ATOC after the General Election?