Sunday, 11 January 2009

Poll pot

The latest Trainsadrine survey sounds nearly as scientific as those of Railway Eye.

According to their latest press release...

"The results of the first rail passenger poll of 2009... revealed that over 78 % of passenger travelling on the Liverpool to Norwich train line said they were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the service.

"This is the worst customer satisfaction results in the UK .

In a second poll, over 65% of passengers also called for east Midlands train company MD, Tim Shoveller, to resign."

The Fact Compiler tried to follow the link to the rest of the story, alas, Trainsardine still can't type their own web address correctly (hint: one dot too many before the org).

No matter.

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

The results of the latest exciting Eye poll shows that more than three quarters of you believe that Iain Coucher is in the sh1t.

Whatever that may mean.

Less froth please Trainsadrine and a little more substance.

Police evidence

They can't mean this can they?

This from the BBC...

Acting Sgt Sarah Price, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said: "There has been an unfortunate accident involving a male in collision with a train."

Some collision!