Monday, 18 May 2009

Better the devil you know...

Outgoing Tube Lines boss, Terry Morgan, has let rip at TfL in the FT today.

Terry Morgan... said the comments of senior figures at Transport for London, the London mayor’s transport organisation, were sometimes based “on emotion, not fact”.

I think people have to think through the consequences of some of the things they are talking about,” Mr Morgan said.

Comments surely designed to delight senior figures in TfL, for whom Mr Morgan will be working when he joins the transport organisation's Crossrail subsidiary as CEO.

Mind you.

No doubt all will be forgiven the moment Dean Finch takes over at Tube Lines.

Euston Arch to be raised

This from the BBC...

Stones believed to be part of a giant arch that used to stand at Euston railway station are being retrieved from an east London waterway.

The stones are being lifted from the Prescott Channel, where they were used to fill a hole in the riverbed.

Aside from the implausible name of the channel this is all good news.

Hopefully Network Rail will now see fit to dredge up the Primrose Hill spandrels?