Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Women in Rail - launches with long queues!

This from Virginia Water...

Today, 200 industry leaders attended the launch event of Women In Rail.

WiR is a new initiative that aims to support opportunities for women in today's railway, as well as encourage all young people to consider a future in our industry.

With support from across the railway the event included high-powered presentations from ORR's Anna Walker, NR's Dyan Crowther and Heidi Mottram (late of Northern Rail)

Particularly striking was the statistic showing that the rail industry remains 83% male.

Meanwhile, the percentage of female workers amongst skilled employees languishes at the following levels: Train operators/drivers (4%); Engineers (4.5%) and Signallers (6.5%).

Despite this seemingly depressing imbalance of representation in the workplace, attendees left both enthusiastic and bursting for more!  

Happily the venue afforded equally generous PNB facilities for both Ladies and Gents... (shurely shome mishtake? Ed)

Eurostar - the crumbling edge of quality

Amidst all the excitement of franchising...

Perhaps something that Eurostar's Chairman might want to get to grips with?

Pointless signs - Blackfriars