Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bullshit Bingo Challenge #1

The Fact Compiler is grateful to Arriva Cross Country for sponsoring Railway Eye's first Bullshit Bingo Challenge.

Software specialist Honeycomb has been appointed by CrossCountry as their CRM partner.

As one of the UK’s leading train operators, CrossCountry has selected Honeycomb to help ensure a customer-centric approach and to improve customer insight through their database management practices. This approach will not only support the Company’s growing marketing activity but also ensure that CrossCountry is speaking to groups of customers about the opportunities available to them.

CrossCountry’s CRM Manager Stephanie Adams said; “Here at CrossCountry our strategy is to put the customer at the heart of everything we do, to communicate with them and to understand exactly what they want from a train operator. Therefore after an extensive selection process we are delighted to be working with the highly experienced team at Honeycomb. The sophisticated CRM system that Honeycomb provides has a simple user interface and a highly professional eMarketing capability. These features will help build and improve on the dialogue between ourselves and our customers.

“We believe that Honeycomb is in a position to deliver an holistic approach and implement appropriate solutions that meet our needs.”

Further information etc...

The Fact Compiler would like to save Arriva a couple of bob by explaining that what customers "want from a train operator" is something called a train; preferably one which runs on time and goes where the timetable says it should go.

Was the PR monkey who wrote this tosh paid in money or bananas?

Oh the irony

Guido Fawkes points out the dangers of being indiscreet on a train.

View Guido's post here.

The Fact Compiler rather enjoys listening into other people's on-train conversations.

Only last week two ladies were discussing a business meeting with a client.

"I was only 10 minutes late and they gave me a really hard time!" moaned one.

It transpired the meeting was with London Underground and the ladies had been commissioned to work on a new staff campaign.

The name of the campaign? "Valuing Time"!