Monday, 9 December 2013

Pointless signs - Balcombe

This from Prof Bunsen Honeydew...

Welcome to Gatwick Airport!

Seen in the Balcombe up platform bus shelter early Saturday morning.

World's best value line upgrade - Ever

This from @ECMLfan...

One person has become extremely rich in the WCML upgrade as it clearly can be done for just £70!

That's one hell of a scoop by the IRJ!

Pointless signs - Oxford

This from a Mrs Honeyman...

Spotted at the Upper Crust, Oxford on Saturday.

Oh dear - no doubt someone will be picking up their cards over this!

Railway Bothy at Stevenage

This from Oliver Cromwell...

For some bizarre reason they've decided to install garden sheds on both platforms at Stevenage...

To avoid confusion there is even a sign showing that the pointy bit goes at the top!

So does this qualify as a Railway Bothy or a Pointless Sign?