Friday, 28 April 2017

Shaken and Stirred: Nick Joyce takes on DG Rail role

Nick Joyce is the acting Director General, Rail Group, at the DfT

Previous incumbent Bernadette Kelly took on the role of DfT Permanent Secretary on the 18th of April.

Joyce became acting DG Rail on the 25th April, and was previously DfT's Corporate Finance Director.

Fans of the West Coast Franchise fiasco will remember Joyce as a safe pair of hands, after the event.

Presumably this dreadful photograph of Nick, from the equally dreadful website, was taken at that time? (Why do DfT insist on publishing awful photos of officials on their own website? Ed)

It will be interesting to see how quickly this key role is filled with a permanent appointment.

Scotrail celebrates #EdBallsDay

Alas, not taken in passenger service...

No doubt the Cybernats will soon demand this tweet is deleted?

Good effort!

Eye's powerful intervention in Nationalisation debate!

As any ful kno evidence based arguments are the way forward!

That is all.