Monday, 20 June 2011

Network Rail posts first experts overseas

This from Network Rail...

Who’s tougher? The Army, Air Force or Navy? In fact, it’s Network Rail. So proved our apprentices in the annual Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition, held at HMS Collingwood in Gosport, Hampshire.

In the ultimate battle of strength, endurance, speed, accuracy and team work, Network Rail apprentices forced the armed services to surrender. Fending off the strength of all three military services, our apprentices claimed victory for the third year running.

Good news indeed.

Especially for our hard pressed Armed Forces.

For Eye understands that the Royal Navy were most insistent on buying drinks for the victorious team.

Having taken the Queen's shilling, NR's bravest were last seen being bundled onto a flight to

Pointless signs - Paddington Gap

The Fact Compiler is unsure whether the following actually happened, but as Eye has received images from two different sources supposes it must have!

Is anyone able to confirm that this marvelous existential statement was indeed seen on the Western?

UPDATE: This from the Globetrotter...

Whilst I cannot verify the Paddington art installation, I can confirm that something similar certainly happened at my local station back in the NSE era.

Supplied with suitable stencils for 'Mind the Gap/Step', the local painters managed to produce 'Step the Gap Mind'.

And if I recall rightly one of the words was upside-down to boot.

Department for Transport to be renamed - Official

Exciting news from the Department for Transport!

Following the success of the Marsham Street Mandarins in awarding the IEP and Thameslink rolling stock contracts, as well as sanctioning the move of East Coast's call centre to India, the Government has decreed that the DfT is to be renamed in line with its new corporate objectives.

From henceforth the DfT will be known as the Department for Transfer and it will be expected to transfer 100% of all UK rail jobs, rolling stock orders and franchises overseas.

Cowardly Custard was unavailable for comment as he is auditioning for the role of McCavity's Cat.

Surrender monkeys stifle Chunnel competition?

This from Lloyds Loading List...

Attempts by three French Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to gain exemption from European railway law for services through the Channel Tunnel have been met with fury from the UK Rail Freight Group (RFG), which claims the move could shut out competitors....

The RFG said proposed amendments to the First Railway Package Recast would “exempt Eurotunnel from all the requirements of liberalisation, including fair and open access, interoperability and equitable charging”.

Good to see the Frenchies remain committed to the ideal of a free market Europe.

Pointless signs - EMT Passenger Charter