Monday, 31 August 2009

ATW backs steam rail motor

The Fact Compiler compiler has been forwarded the following witty email.

It reads...

"Most of you will be aware of the splendid GWR Steam Railmotor under restoration at Didcot."

"In support of the project, Arriva recently staged an impromptu demonstration of what a modern steam motor might look like..."

Eye apologises to Paul for the blatant plagiarism but this was just too good not to use...

Sarah and the security guard

Oh dear.

Perhaps a little additional staff training required for these fine gentleman at Upminster station (C2C and the General Manager of the District line please take note).

Meantimes... nice to see pictures of Sarah back in traffic!

Scots independence adds to HS2 bill?

Good news for North Britons!

Last week the figure to build HS2 to Scotland was £34bn.

Now, according to the Birmingham Post, it's £41bn!

Presumably the SNP's referendum announcement has already halved the value of the putative country's new MacCurrency.

2009 Railway Garden Competition #XXVII

This just in from Peter...

I thought you would like this, but I can’t compete with Wrexham...

Welcome to Norwood Junction.

Taken on Friday at great risk from the platform ‘Stasi’ as I was standing between the yellow and white lines!

Kaption Kompetition

On Thursday former Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP attended a photocall to mark the improvements at Ewell West station.

Also pictured is the former mayor who has campaigned for the changes.

Without leaving The Fact Compiler at the mercy of My Learned Friends perhaps readers might wish to suggest an appropriate caption...

Those who go down to the sea in ships...

Telegrammed by our International Correspondent
For those who remember when the British Railways Board went down to the sea in ships, an appeal for dosh to revive the Paddle Steamer Ryde.

This one time icon and vomit bucket paddled generations of holidaymakers to and from Vectis and has now been replaced with a sort of jetfoil catamaran thingy that is Just Not The Same.

It isn't the last railway paddler - that honour belongs to PS Waverley, neither is it the biggest bit of ex-Sealink detritus to clutter our shores (see TS Duke of Lancaster, rusting not very gently next to the North Wales Coast line) but it is very fondly remembered by those who lost their lunch overboard.

Anyone with a few bob left after the global financial crisis is invited to contact the PS Ryde Trust at