Monday, 28 March 2011

Turning the tables on the BTP!

This from Robin Hood...

Good news for all the crims and perps out there! (is this right? Ed)

This from the British Transport Police...

You can now follow us on Twitter.

Let's see how they like it! (you're fired!!! Ed)

Pointless signs - Andover

This from SWT Info Guy...

We've had this at Andover station for over a year now.

Wolmar - Saviour of the Railways?

Exciting news from the World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent!

According to Wolmar's twitter feed...

My report for co-ops UK on co-operative solutions for the rail industry is now available online.

Wolmar's report even contains these encouraging words from former Secretary of State, Lord Adonis...

I doubt there is anyone better placed than Christian to make the case for reform given his enormous depth of knowledge and would advise anyone with an interest in improving Britain’s railways to study his proposals carefully.

No doubt an invite from Petrol-head to join the High Level Group is already winging its way to Wolmar...

Railway Gob-sh1ttery - LUL continues to delight

This from a Mr Hawken...

The other morning at Embankment Underground station I was enjoined to:

"Make full use of the platform".

It made me wonder what opportunities I had been missing by only using the platform for boarding or alighting from trains.

As opposed to (say) setting up a stock exchange or a three-ring circus?

Curse of Finch?

This from Manchester Guy...

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell:

Failing to be shortlisted for one East Anglian franchise may be regarded as a misfortune.

Not being shortlisted for both looks like carelessness...

Or does someone at DfT have an agenda?

First Group - the old order changeth!

Sad news indeed.

Much loved former Chief Executive of First Group, Sir More Duckweed, had a DMU named after him on Friday at Glasgow Queen Street.

But what's this?

In none of the press shots supplied to the media were there any pictures of Sir Moir's lovely book!

Eye hopes that new CEO, Tim O'Toole, hasn't consigned the last few thousand remaindered copies of this vainglorious publication to the bin?

Behold the EMT Truffet!

Regular travellers on East Midlands Trains will have noticed that the company has dispensed with buffets in favour of trolleys.

Eye commends this decision to abolish outdated and 'unpopular' (sic) buffets... it cleverly makes space for errr... trolleys!