Thursday, 11 June 2009

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

Telegrammed by the Velopodist
I wonder if your readers can help me to solve a puzzle.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union insists its strike on London Underground is solid and that its members have all supported it.

They can't be lying, so it's either all Aslef drivers out there driving trains or, as the RMT claims, management who are exaggerating how many trains are running.

Yet services do seem to be running on the Victoria Line, where nearly everyone is an RMT member.

What can be going on?

UPDATE: This just in from Events, Dear Boy, Events...

Certainly it was delightful yesterday on the Vic, where I at 1230hr I was able to stretch out in a carriage with three other people.

I assume the rest of London was on the Northern Line where they were counting on a rival ASLEF service.

But the light blue line seemed pretty healthy from Seven Sisters (where I understand Bob was on picket duty himself according to the Standard) as far south as Victoria.

Ghostly experience.

A new era unfurls #2

Virgin West Coast PPM on Wednesday 10th June 2009


"A new era will unfold on the West Coast Main Line" Iain Coucher, December 2008