Friday, 5 December 2008

And the new Crossrail CEO is...

Rob Holden!

According to a piece buried away at the back of yesterday's Times in the Movers and Shakers column!

Not exactly a professional way to communicate key Board appointments to this multi-billion pound project, is it DafT?

More job losses

***Sky News reporting that EWS to shed 530 jobs***

Looks like next week's Railfreight Group Christmas do will be a jolly affair...

UPDATE: BBC claims the figure represents 10% of EWS' workforce.

Mystic Wolmar strikes again

Over on Wolmar's website is a trailer for The Railway Blues featuring the great man himself.

But what's this?

Just 30 seconds into the trailer up pops Andrew Haines uttering the immortal line "I won't be here in six months if that improvement isn't better, our bosses will have found somebody else to do the job."

He won't, it isn't and they will!

Singing from the same hymn sheet

Good to see Network Rail supporting this event.

The Fact Compiler hopes Team Railway will be in good voice...