Tuesday, 3 February 2009

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Crossrail CEO

Finally Rob Holden has been confirmed in post.

Crossrail has also appointed:

Valerie Todd as Talent and Resources Director (from TfL)

Lesley Calladine as Health and Safety Director (from Serco)


David Allen as Finance Director (from Laing O'Rourke)

At the point Holden joins the project Doug Oakervee will become non-executive Chairman.

Someone with a sense of humour has decided that this will take place on All Fools Day.

UPDATE: Captain Deltic wonders:

Does Valerie Todd's appointment presage a new TV Talent show, 'Strictly come project managing'?

Anyway, what's the difference between her role and that of a good old fashioned Personnel Manager?

Probably about £100k plus attractive package.

UPDATE: Captain Deltic riposts...

Is the Fact Compiler suggesting that Ms Todd is an attractive package?

At this point The Fact Compiler, preferring discretion to valour, withdraws from the field of battle...

Rail spellbound!

Has Rail editor, Nigel Harris, been got at?

Famous for having described the IEP as the Camel Class and roundly condemning it, the great man has now sprung to its defence, both in print and on-line.

"My sources insist that IEP could work as I’ve outlined." says Nigel.

As the only possible 'source' for such a view is Marsham Street there are fears that Nigel's been bewitched by the Prince of Daftness!

UPDATE: Nigel Harris writes...

Now then, now then, now then FC, please read what I’ve said – not what you think I‘ve said!

Please note liberal use of words like ‘could; and ‘if’ - my Comment piece is full of qualifications. Circumstances have changed – so I’ve potentially changed my view, which is what a sensible man does, surely?

As it stood, IEP was indeed the wrong answer to the wrong question...but in the context of coupling IEP with GW electrification, then it’s a different question and therefore potentially different answer.

But only, I stressed, IF THE TRAIN WORKS!

Contrary to your mischievous implication, I have not gone over to the dark side. My buckle will continue to swash, so fear not.

With best wishes to your illustrious online organ.

Virgin moves on ECML?

***Evening Standard reporting that Beardie Rail has its eye on the East Coast franchise***