Thursday, 24 September 2009

The art of signwriting explained

WSMR Anschlussed

More exciting Open Access news.

Following today's announcement from Yoghurt Rail comes news of developments at WSMR.

This from Modern Railways...

Rail firm Wrexham & Shropshire announced (today) that direct services between Wrexham, Shropshire and London will, from the New Year, be operated by Chiltern Railways, a company owned by WSMR's largest shareholder, German state rail operator DB.

So where does all this leave former WSMR shareholder Renaissance Trains?

Perhaps Hull will be seeing a lot more of the Landlord?

UPDATE: This from the Major...

Do keep up FC old bean.

I'm sure those chappies at RAIL ran this story last weekend (unless of course your copy's stuck in Mount Pleasant sorting office...).

It did indeed reach me. But the Modern Railway's story had quotes and stuff. Even one from Herr von Shooter!

UPDATE: This from a Mr Scott...

Perhaps Renaissance Trains haven't noticed what has been happening with WSMR as they are completely snowed under preparing for the launch of Glasgow Trains.

Which according to their website
is due to take place in er... 2009?

Genius behind the PPP to leave the Government?

Sky News reporting that Business Minister Lady Vadera is expected to leave Government.

The railway industry will remember her fondly for the masterful way she broke the Underground.

Gordon next?

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

Nor should we forget that Lady Vadera was also instrumental in breaking Railtrack thus making her responsible for the 2004 Periodic Review which saw annual railway subsidy soar to £100 million per head of population!

UPDATE: This from Lazarus...

According to Leo "the 2004 Periodic Review which saw annual railway subsidy soar to £100 million per head of population!"

No wonder there's an exclamation mark, that's a total of £6,000,000,000,000,000 per year, or roughly 1500 times the UK GDP. Wow!

UPDATE:This from Leo Pink...

My apologies.

I was calculating the size of my bonus when I broke off to telegram Railway Eye with my thoughts on Lady V.

As a result I was thinking in millions.

The sum should of course be £100 per head..

Yoghurt Rail returns

Exciting Open Access news!

Two new open access operations have been proposed for the East and West Coast Main Lines.

Branded GNER (haven't we heard that somewhere before? Ed) and GNWR they are the brainchild of Ian Yeowart, late of Grand Central fame.

The new Yoghurt Rail services will call at virtually every station in the country using Chinese built trains.

Yoghurt Rail's proposals have already been welcomed by Passenger Focus:

Anthony Smith, Passenger Focus chief executive, said: “Open access operators have brought to the network competition, lower prices, and quality services. Our latest National Passenger Survey revealed that passengers are very satisfied with the services they receive from Grand Central and Wrexham & Shropshire Railway."

Expect DafT to be a little more sanguine however...

UPDATE: This from King Henry...

Does Mr Yeowart know what happens if you visit ?

UPDATE: This from the man in the Pendo....

Is there some competition with Virgin to spell station names wrongly?

Virgin's Wifi intro is still misspelling Manchester Piccadilly and Llandudno Junction.

However for Yog(h)urt rail it's the residents of Alderley Edge and Hebden Bridge who will be irked.

Still I don't suppose they will ever need to spell them correctly on a destination board.