Thursday, 12 November 2009

Watch Adonis! - Official

For the first time in living memory a Transport Secretary has won an award!

And not just any award, but one of the coveted Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards which were presented by Mayor BoJo this afternoon.

So stand up Lord Adonis the High Speed Evangelist... you are the "Minister to Watch"!

NR survey - money for old rope

Exciting news from Network Rail!

Network Rail today launched the first ever piece of passenger research targeting stations, as it unveiled its plans to improve thousands of stations across the country in a five year, £3.25bn, programme of investment.

As we know from Coachgate the infrastructure company is keen to save money.

So rather than have NR spend all that lolly on a survey, Eye has the answers to what passengers want from stations here - for free!

Trains. On time. With enough seats. End of.

Today's FuCC disruption

This from Longrider...

It is easy to simply blame the unions... but it takes two to make a dispute and if the unions are to blame for causing the disruption, the employer is to blame for giving them such an easy target.

Words of wisdom and worth a read.

Bob Crow rock star?

Telegrammed by the Archer
Perhaps Eye readers would like to join me in congratulating Bob Crow on his latest achievement.

Sharp suited Bob makes a guest appearance on the track 'Sweet Revolution' on the new Alabama 3 CD.

Whilst this is all very rock and roll perhaps Bob may want to distance himself from some of the bands other activities ('They party like b*stards' - Time Out).

And in particular their vocal support for the 'Free Ronnie Biggs' campaign.

The success of which caused considerable anger in the railway community.

As former Chief Operating Officer Peter Rayner said:

"One can't forget and one has to be clear that driver Mills... died as a result of injuries from criminals.

"Driver Mills was a man who stood against those criminals and said he wouldn't move his train with its valuable cargo.

"Driver Mills paid the penalty in that. So my feeling is one of concern that the perpetrators have been treated as folk heroes rather than the criminals that we on the railway believe them to be."


UPDATE: This from NR's Internet Rapid Rebuttal Unit...

Rather unusually, for someone in the rail business I know the Alabama 3 much better than I know Bob Crow.

The Alabama 3 are fellow Brixtonians and I am good pals with the band's drummer, Sir Eddie Real.

The link between the band and the RMT derives from that some (though not all) band members performed at this year's RMT-organised celebration (if that is the right word) of the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution.

The Alabama 3's relationship with the Free Ronnie Biggs campaign is entirely separate and personal.

One of the members of the band, Nick Reynolds, is the son of Bruce - one of Ronnie's co-conspirators, see here.

Anyway, all I'll say is whatever you think of the band's views they make great music. I recommend the album 'Exile on Coldharbour Lane'. Sample their tunes here.

UPDATE: This from John B...

Driver Mills died of leukemia.

That isn't, ever, caused by being bashed round the head, any more than being punched in the chest causes lung cancer.

Not sure where the weird urban myth that the robbery was a factor in his death comes from, but it's certainly not true...

Dean Finch to NatEx?

This from the Daily Telegraph...

Dean Finch, the boss of London Underground maintenance company Tube Lines, has emerged as a leading contender to be the new chief executive of National Express.

That was quick.

Dean only joined the beleaguered Underground contractor in June of this year.

Perhaps a case of frying pan to fire?