Thursday, 14 April 2011

SW1 Offices To Let - Suitable for Bid Teams

This from Virginia Water...

Seems like the civil service cuts are finally biting at Daft as half of Great Monster House is apparently being cleared and let out to commercial tenants.

Hopefully this might raise a bit of extra cash for filling in potholes and the like.

Unclear if all 4 ministers will be required to share an office...

BarbieRail adopts lean seating for Eureka!!!!!!!

Exciting news from state owned East Coast!

The 07:30 off the Cross to Newcastle this morning offered a new, improved, range of high density seating for priority customers.

Strangely, despite reservations being in place, these seats remained unoccupied.

No doubt the rest of the EC fleet will receive similar treatment to enable the operator to squeeze in the additional 3 million seats promised by Eureka!!!!!!!!!!!

Pointless signs - Fratton

This from Caught Short Scotty...

This sign has been mounted above the Fratton waiting room door for some months, and is pointing to the platform edge - needless to say the other side is wrong as well, so you'd imagine a man with a ladder could fix it in about 5 minutes flat.

But I wonder how many clipboard wielding staff from SWT/NR have looked at this and failed to see a problem.

What the picture doesn't really show is how the two signs also obstruct one another. Of course if repositioned correctly the toilet sign is an unnecessary duplication.

Maybe it's there to help those who having difficulty deciding whether to go or not...