Monday, 18 August 2008

New TfL Bored

Where Captain Deltic leads Mystic Wolmar is sure to follow.

This is not necessarily a good thing.

Regular readers of Railway Eye will be aware that Roger Ford received a big raspberry from NR's troughocracy when he applied to become a Public Member.

Alas Christian Wolmar's application to join the Board of TfL has received a similar brush-off from Mayor BoJo.

With Wolmar out the frame The Fact Compiler thought he would offer a quick 'dullards guide' to TfL's new Board.

Tim Parker – Transport Commissioner – NON-RUNNER

Steven Norris – Big political beastie – Hero

Kulveer Ranger – Who he? – Zero

Christopher Garnett – GNER – Hero (BUT if ODA overspend continues - Zero)

Tony West – 'The Godfather' – Massive Hero

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson – Olympian – Hero

Bob Oddy – Brother of Bill? – Zero

Steve Wright – No good on Radio 2 – Zero

Eva Lindholm – Crazy name – crazy gal – Hero

Keith William – Ex BA and brother of Just? – Hero

Patrick O’Keeffe – Untie, gets Dyslexic 'brothers' vote – Hero

Peter Anderson – MD Canary Wharf Group – Zero (have they paid for the JLE yet?)

Judith Hunt – Inclusion, blah, blah, blah – Hero (PC and Bar)

Sir Mike Hodgkinson – If Baronet – Hero

Charles Belcher – Railwayman and Gent – Hero

Daniel Moylan – Must have Polaroids of BoJo – Zero

If Railway Eye readers have any additional insights into TfL's new Board then please forward them to the usual address...