Tuesday, 13 April 2010

London's newest railway opens Thursday

This just in from The Sleeper...

It's not every day a new Overground line opens...

At 10:00 this Thursday the Mayor of London, BoJo the Great, will re-open the extended East London line and travel by special train from Dalston Junction to Shoreditch High Street.

As BoJo will be acompanied by the great and the good of the Metropolis, as well as myriad hacks, the occasion is expected to be marked in some style.

City Hall organisers are optimistic that this can be achieved by tying former mayor Ken Livingstone across the newly laid tracks.

UPDATE: This from a mildly annoyed Mizter T...

It would be rather churlish to tie ex-Mayor Ken to the tracks given that he is the reason the East London Line Extension project actually got off the ground in the first place, along with engineering the transfer of the lines that now make up TfL's London Overground from former operator Silverlink (aka Silverstink - at least when it came to their Metro operation).

One rather doubts Boris even knew where Dalston was until a couple of years ago - he certainly can't pronounce it right, calling it "Dahlston" when it is in fact "Dawlston".

Regardless, this ain't his doing by any measure!