Monday, 1 October 2012

Virgin offers animal petting as court date looms

As the date for Virgin's Judicial Review of the ICWC decision draws ever closer...

It is good to see that the needs of passengers are not being neglected. 

This from Virgin Trains...

Virgin Trains has joined forces with Staffordshire based animal education and therapy providers, Critterish Allsorts in a UK first to provide a pet therapy service at a railway station. The company will have a collection of animals available for commuters to sit with and pet. 

The idea is to give rail travellers a chance to unwind after their long journeys and busy working days, before the next leg of their journey. 

This will hopefully lead to calmer onward journeys for all of those that take the time to join in.

Eye wonders if Dodos will be on offer for stressed Virgin execs?