Friday, 25 October 2013

Partnership breaks out on WCML - Shocker!

This from Rugby Tackle...

Thought Eye readers might be interested in this.

It's appeared on a number of railway intranet sites today:

Network Rail's Euston Delivery Unit were the proud recipients of the Golden Pendolino presented by Virgin founder, Sir Richard Branson. The award is made each period to the team that has made the most significant contribution to keeping the trains on the West Coast running on time.

Sir Richard said: "I have never shied away from openly criticising Network Rail and before that Railtrack when performance has slipped to unacceptably low levels. So it gives me great pleasure to say thanks and congratulate the team for all their efforts in improving service for our customers. We look forward to more progress in the coming months."



UPDATE: This from Captain Deltic...

Golden Spanners, Golden Whistles, Golden Laptops (Siemens) and now the Golden Pendolino!
All that's needed now is the Golden Kipper for train catering in honour of Modern Railways' late, great Gourmet Gricer Brian Perren.